Eric Bain’s commute to work would take 33 hours in the car. He runs his Maroochydore construction company from 2338 kilometres away, in Tasmania, and believes training plays the biggest role in him being able to run the business from so far away.

Owner of SX Homes, Eric is a firm believer in training, fostering talent and upskilling his staff. He has enrolled all five of his staff in a range of CSQ-funded courses.

“I can say 100 per cent of our staff have had CSQ funding for Master Builders courses. I know how critical training is for the future,” Eric said.

Eric has had the small business since 2006.

“The key to running a company from a different state is training. We have weekly Teams meetings on a Friday where we discuss any issues which keeps us as a group on the same track,” he said.

He said the office can run itself because it is heavily supported by training.

“We wouldn’t be able to do this amount of training without CSQ funding. Small business funding is critical.”

Site supervisor, Kelsey Hill completed his Master Builders Cert IV Building & Construction last year. The 31-year-old now has the theoretical knowledge to apply it on site allowing him to progress his career.

Nominee at SX Homes, Wayne Rosenberg completed the Practical Communication Skills course in August last year.

“Everything we do, is built around the courses, and what do we have to do differently,” Eric said.

Eric said he recruits his staff carefully and wants to foster development for women in the industry.

“Your business grows around your people and their capabilities, invest in training and the growth will follow.”

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