Wide Bay construction workers are being urged to take advantage of a $37.6M training package announced today to help deliver $1.2 billion construction work over the next 12 months.

Construction Skills Queensland (CSQ) today announced the $37.6M training investment package as part of its 2019-2020 Annual Training Plan, with specific training programs to match forecast industry activity and skilling requirements of major projects.

CSQ CEO Brett Schimming said the Wide Bay region has a sustainable pipeline of construction activity planned and underway.

“The Wide Bay region is projected to deliver an estimated $1.1 billion in construction activity over the next 12 months, with 100 major construction projects confirmed for delivery over the next 2-3 years, and a further 180 potential projects planned but not yet committed.

“The major project pipeline is valued at between $1.1 billion (committed) and $8.4 billion (committed + potential) over the coming years.

“With the majority of these projects being engineering construction projects, CSQ predicts an increased demand for civil construction workers, including earthmoving plant operators, concreters and labourers.

“Large projects like the Aramara Solar Farm, the Teebar Solar Farm and the Bargara Waters Lifestyle Resort will drive a lot of the local activity.

“Our priority is making sure that all of these projects have a skilled and available local workforce to match changing project needs at various stages of their delivery and that is where this CSQ training investment comes in.

“It is also an opportunity for local workers to upskill by doing some training to take advantage of the new opportunities coming up in the Wide Bay employment scene,” he said.

The top 5 major construction projects committed or underway in the Wide Bay region include:


Aramara Solar Farm $280,000,000 Committed
Teebar Solar Farm $216,000,000 Underway
Bargara Waters Lifestyle Resort $120,000,000 Committed
Burnett Harbour Marina Village $70,000,000 Committed
Maryborough Forging & Manufacturing Facility $15,000,000 Committed