Pictured: Corinda State High School students, Tamima (right) and Selu (left).

The future generation of women in construction looks exceptional with these gals on board!

Meet Tamima, Year 12 student at Corinda State High School who attended a CSQ and Fulton Hogan Try’a Skill Day in March. She enjoyed the day so much that she opted for a week of work experience during her recent school holidays. Fellow CSH student, Selu, joined her on the inspiring program.

The girls are bubbly, driven and well educated young women who recognise there are no longer boundaries to working in construction due to being female.

Work experience at Fulton Hogan includes a five day week with five disciplines that explore different types of opportunities within a construction career. For the girls, their week covered Engineering, On-site Safety, Environmental, HR and Community areas.

My career aspirations have definitely stemmed from the Try’a Skill event. I enjoyed it so much, I wanted to do something similar on my school holidays!” says Tamima

“In Year 12 we are told by our school to think about our future and what we want to study.”

Tamima wants to either study ICT or Civil Construction at university next year. The work experience has aided her understanding which will help her selecting a prospective career.

Selu tells: “After I finish high school, I would like to go to university to study a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering – I put this down as my first preference.”

The bridges shown in the photo were a part of the engineering activity performed by the girls.

Selecting materials (popsicle sticks and straws), undertaking cost estimates and testing the product were the ‘realistic’ exercises that the girls explored.

Selu won the competition when they tested how much the bridge could hold – it collapsed at 8.75kg.

Selu urges other young females to get involved in a fascinating industry.

“I would tell other young girls who are seeking a career in construction to complete a program like this! You don’t get the additional supporting role disciplines in school subjects!”

Try’a Skill is part of CSQ’s program of activities supporting Gateway into Industry Schools program, an initiative of the Queensland Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.

Great job ladies, see you onsite one day.

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