Somerville House students, Nataissa and Hayley board together at school and now have completed work experience together with Brisbane construction company, Paynters.

CSQ and Paynters have a strong partnership that provides schools involved with CSQ’s Gateways Program (like Somerville) opportunities for their students to undertake work experience with the company.

Hayley, 17, is working with the preconstruction team learning all things Architecture.

“I do Art subjects at school and we are looking into Architecture at the moment and my dad is an Engineer which is where my design/ architecture interest has stemmed from,” Hayley explains.

Paynters’ Construction Department works with Nataissa to provide experience in Project Management.

Nataissa says: “This work experience has sparked my interest in construction; before I wanted to be a nurse… I know now that I want to be onsite and in the office, behind the operations of projects.”

The students get the low down on what each job entails through the placement.

Paynters does a great job in creating a workspace and roles that are very realistic so the students get a proper taste of work life.

“I am picking out lighting for a current project, it’s awesome to get the real experience!” says Hayley.

Nataissa tells her achievements over the week:

“Paynters have shown us what it’s like to be onsite – on Wednesday we went to visit a site in Milton and it was really great being there in person.”

“Being able to then go back to the office where you can talk to people and interact with them about the project was so cool too.”

“Throughout the week I have been looking at budgeting and estimations for projects.”

Starting the day at 8.30 am and finishing at 5 pm, the students gain an understanding of what it is like to work full-time hours in a workplace setting.

“My favourite part of the workday is lunchtime and bonding with other staff members,” Hayley says like a true worker.

“I am loving my work experience with Paynters and I’m sad to be going at the end of the week,” she says.

Nataissa has found the experience equally rewarding: “I think this work experience will help me to get a job into my chosen profession in the future.”

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