Think you’re busy? Meet Maria Delbridge, a 50 year old mother to 9, manager of a family business and currently completing 2 building qualification certs.

When Maria started estimating for her husband and brother-in-laws manufacturing business, Edge Concepts (QLD) Pty Ltd, she recognised a gap in her knowledge.

After some research and coming across The Housing Industry Association, Maria determined that a Certificate IV in Construction and Certificate IV in Estimating and Tendering was what she needed.

But the initial price of the course was not something Maria, nor the family business could spare, and she thought she was out of options.

She discovered her solution when she found out that CSQ would cover a large portion of the cost of her training, and she was able to begin her course at the start of 2019.

“I now have the confidence to go onsite, crawl through scaffold and understand where buildings are at in their construction phase.”

Upping the ante of her already busy schedule with training, Maria says “my husband and children have been very supportive of me attending (as they like to call it) ‘Tradie School’ – lucky I have 9 extra sets of hands to help out with house duties!”

Being involved with the estimation, manufacture and installation of curved glass balustrades and aluminium screens installed on a new 17 story apartment building in Newstead, has been an exciting process. Maria hopes to continue the expansion of her knowledge by continuing to tender on similar future construction projects.

“To see the incredible process of buildings starting as plans on your desk, to arising into finished, beautiful structures, is inspiring.”

What a wonder woman – Awesome work, Maria!

Maria was able to pursue this interest with the help of CSQ. To see what you can achieve through CSQ Funded Courses, click here.