Behind every successful woman, is another successful woman who has her back!

Ariana (on the left,) completed her Certificate I in Construction through CSQ’s Trade Start programs with Hutchison Builders in June.

At the time, Ariana (20), was still uncertain about the style of trade she wanted to move into.

She tried her hand at electrical and plastering but it wasn’t until she worked closely with Jess from Brisbane business, One Bird Plumbing that she was sold on the plumbing trade!

Ariana’s story is a silver lining scenario. It was only after losing her hospitality job as a result of the pandemic in early 2020, that Ariana obtained a whole new perspective on her future.

Her father put her in contact with Rachel Turner, a CSQ advocate and strong representative of females in trades, who in turn connected her with Hutchinson Builders to complete the Cert I.

After one week of work experience at One Bird Plumbing, Jess offered Ariana a full-time apprenticeship.

“Jess is such a role model to me, especially as a woman in the construction industry,” says Ariana.

“She is a fantastic teacher and who lets me undertake tasks independently so I can better understand the way the trade works.”

Jess is equally happy with her new apprentice.

“Bringing Ariana onboard has been such a smooth transition, she has a great attitude and is inquisitive about how everything works.” Jess discloses.

One Bird Plumbing was founded in 2018 with Jess – being the only ‘bird’ in the business for just over two years.

“Many hands make light work, it was time to bring someone else on, and I really needed the help,” she says.
Jess’s advice to other young women within the construction industry is to just go for it!

“No one cares what your gender is if you get the job done.”

Ariana agrees that without the support of CSQ’s Trade Start, she would have never found a reason to pick up tools in the first place.

“Without Trade Start I wouldn’t have been able to build the confidence to put myself out there. Through this support, I am able to do what makes me happy and be proud of my accomplishments thus far.”

Congratulations Ariana and Jess!

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