Trade start & trade ready

Trade Start and Trade Ready are CSQ pre-employment programs designed to equip individuals with the skills they need, combined with industry experience, to start a career in construction.

Trade Ready is a new program with trials commencing in early 2019.

Trade Start

With one in ten working Queenslanders employed in the construction industry it’s easy to understand that we need to ensure a steady flow of new entrants in order to keep up with workforce demand and to replace those leaving the industry. The combined pressure of an ageing workforce and natural attrition mean strategies to attract workers play an important role in securing our industry’s future.

CSQ’s Trade Start initiative is a pre-employment program designed to attract those individuals interested in building and construction who are not currently in school or part of the industry — but would like to be. New entrants to the industry do not all come straight from school and many workers in the industry are sourced post school as well as from other industries.

Trade Start aims to introduce participants to the career options available in construction. Experience tells us that better-informed career choices increase the chances of someone completing an apprenticeship or traineeship and staying in the industry.

Through the Trade Start program, CSQ provides funding to eligible RTOs and other industry partners to deliver an entry level qualification together with real work experience.

CSQ uses a place-based approach to deliver Trade Start programs connected to major projects and significant programs of work as a way of linking career seekers with work, and employers with a pipeline of informed new workers.

CSQ’s continued investment in Trade Start responds to industry’s feedback that new entrants to the industry need to hold more than just a Certificate I or II qualification – that they need to be the right fit and have had some real hands-on experience in the industry before making a career choice. The Trade Start program helps do that through a mix of classroom-based learning and 160 hours of work experience. This combination means on completion of the course, participants will have job-ready skills together with a Certificate I or II.

Trade Ready

Trade Ready provides additional skills and experiences to individuals who have completed a Certificate I in Construction to further build their job readiness and prepare them to transition into a career in building and construction.

Trade Ready is a new CSQ initiative announced in the Annual Training Plan 2018-19. In order to leverage more from our current investment in pre-vocational pathways and build on the work that is started through other Certificate I delivery, CSQ will offer this new Attract stream program, targeting participants who already hold the Certificate I in Construction.

This new program will build on the successes of Trade Start by offering:

  • further job readiness and work preparation
  • green/life skills
  • selected construction short courses to build skills and employability
  • valuable industry-led work experience.

Being better prepared for the industry and entering a career pathway equipped with an understanding of what it means to work in the industry will increase the likelihood of individuals completing an apprenticeship and being retained in the industry.

Trade Ready is currently in the developmental phase. It is expected that we will offer our first intake around February 2019.